Technorati shut their API down sometime in 2009. Their developers page hasn't been updated in two years or so.

So, unfortunately, Duck Soup is now a defunct library. If there is ever a new API, Duck Soup will be updated accordingly

What is Duck Soup?

DuckSoup is an API library for Technorati, written in PHP, with support for all the Technorati APIs (CosmosQuery, SearchQuery, GetInfoQuery, OutboundQuery, BlogInfoQuery, TagQuery, TopTags, AttentionQuery, KeyInfo ..). Ducksoup can easily interact with Technorati, perform queries and produce the data in organized trees

Ducksoup code is a straight forward,easy to use and easy to implement. It is ideal for both beginners and advanced users! Ducksoup enables you to harness the full power of Technorati API very easily. ( Currently, Ducksoup only supports Technorati data in XML format )

Why the name 'Duck Soup'?

DuckSoup (slang) means 'simple, easy'. The Ducksoup code being the extreme of simplicity and straightforwardness, the name 'Duck Soup'


Duck Soup v1.3 ( December 03 2007 )
Download (5 KB)