tinytooltip plugin for jQuery

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An extremely tiny, easy to use tooltip plugin for jQuery. Roughly 900 bytes minified.



// == hover tooltip with static text
$('.example').tinytooltip({message: "This is an example tooltip!"});

// == on click tool tip with dynamic text
	message: function(tip) {
		return $(this).val();
	hover: false

$('.example').click(function() {
	$(this).trigger('showtooltip');	// show the tooltip
}).blur(function() {
	$(this).trigger('hidetooltip');	// hide the tooltip
To show tooltips at will, set the 'hover' option to false while initializing the tooltip on an element. Then, to show the tooltip, use .trigger('showtooltip') and to hide, .trigger('hidetooltip')


message Tooltip message. Can be a string or a function()
hover true (default) or false
Standard tooltip behaviour. Show tooltip on mouseover and hideon mouseout
classes Addition classes (separated by space) to be added to the tooltip div

Kailash Nadh