30 January 2021

The "Atmanirbharta" of open source software

In the Indian startup circles, *Atmanirbhar* (self-reliance) is the word of the year. Technology startups of all shapes and sizes, “unicorns” and non-unicorns have incorporated the tri colour and the Made in India label into their brand messaging an...
18 March 2019

The absurdity of clubbing AI with blockchain

AI is a contentious term whose mainstream interpretation refers to not one particular thing, but to a broad category encompassing a wide variety of concepts, techniques, and technologies—all eventually working towards the common goal of eliciting “i...
26 December 2015

Indian startups ecosystem: Fear of failure grounds our success story

The Indian startup ecosystem has taken shape and exploded in the last few years, and so have the countless stories surrounding them. Unsurprisingly, lessons of unsuccessful ideas and attempts haven’t gotten as much precedence as successful counterpa...