This page lists some of my personal projects. Some very early work can be found here. There are also some fairly active Github repositories as well.


  • localStorageDB – a simple database layer for localStorage (Javascript)
  • Niltalk – a simple multi-room disposable chat service written in Go that uses WebSockets for communication. — Edit (Go)
  • – a set of Python scripts for converting XML files to SQL and CSV (Python)
  • jsonconfig – a JSON configuration file parser for Go with comments support
  • go-get-youtube – a Go library and client for downloading Youtube videos
  • simplemysql – an ultra simple wrapper for Python MySQLdb with very basic functionality
  • MLphone – an algorithm for generating phonetic hashes for Malayalam words, like Metaphone for English (Python, PHP)
  • ml2en – a library for phonetically transliterating Malayalam script to Roman / Latin characters (Python, PHP, Javascript)
  • tinyProgressbar – extremely tiny (640 bytes) Javascript progressbar library
  • – a simple Python class for basic string validation
  • Ishtika – a geometric unicode Malayalam font
  • tinytooltip – an extremely tiny tooltip plugin for jQuery (Javascript)
  • tinytabs – a tiny tabbing plugin for jQuery (Javascript)
  • jqDialog – a dialog plugin for jQuery (Javascript)

Personal projects

  • 2015 Niltalk

    A web based free, instant, secure, disposable chat (open source)

    April 2015
    Niltalk logo

    HTML5 Websockets, Go

  • 2013 Save the market

    A hangman style browser game made with Easeljs

    April 2013
    Save the market logo

    HTML5 Canvas, Javascript

  • 2012 Word Pluck

    A Create.js experiment, Word Pluck is a fun little browser based typing game. A premium version (with touch support and other enhancements) is available for Windows 8 is available.

    November 2012
    Word Pluck logo

    HTML5 Canvas, Javascript

  • 2011 Simple Planner

    A self contained, offline calendar/event manager/personal planner (extension for Chrome browser). Uses localStorage to store entries. Can export entries to ICS and CSV. Created as 10k app competition entry.

    September 2011
    Simple Planner logo

    HTML5 Canvas, Blobs, Javascript, Chrome Marketplace, Mozilla Marketplace

  • 2010 CV Maker

    A sophisticated web app for writing, maintaining, and publishing professional resumes. Supports multiple CV templates and export formats (TXT, HTML, PDF). Almost 1 million users as of 2015.

    October 2010
    CV Maker logo

    Python, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, CouchDB

  • 2010 Olam

    The regularly curated, de-facto online English &amp, Malayalam dictionary that serves 2+ million lookups as of 2015.

    May 2010
    Olam logo

    Python, PHP, MySQL

  • 2010 Vettila Music

    An indie music label (South India) aiming at creating fresh music and promoting budding talents. Released several albums and helped several artists catch breaks.

    January 2010
    Vettila Music logo

  • 2008 ColoursMix

    A niche clothing company aimed at procuring and manufacturing fabric locally, empowering local communities.

    December 2008 (Terminated)
    ColoursMix logo

  • 2008 Oddpath People

    A people search engine with a database of 100million+ U.S phone records.

    April 2008 (Terminated)
    Oddpath People logo

    PHP, Ruby, MySQL

  • 2008 Oddpath Money

    Realtime stock quotation and monitoring tool.

    March 2008 (Terminated)
    Oddpath Money logo

    PHP, MySQL

  • 2008 Words and Language

    A phonetic similarity-search engine for English words.

    January 2008
    Words and Language logo

    PHP, Python, MySQL

  • 2007 TwoKop (Two kinds of people)

    A satirical webcomic portraying current events in the form of `two kinds of people`

    October 2007 (Terminated)
    TwoKop (Two kinds of people) logo

  • 2007 Pencily

    Instant inspiration for illustrators / artists / designers. A realtime topic-wise newsfeed aggregator.

    October 2007 (Terminated)
    Pencily logo

    PHP, MySQL

  • 2007 RichMint

    A User Interface design, usability testing and evaluation company. Richmint has UI experts who create beautiful user interfaces for the masses.

    October 2007 (Terminated)
    RichMint logo

  • 2007 Cinemalayalam

    A talent recruitment and content portal for the South Indian cinema industry started with the support of eminent industry professionals. Had a built mini-social network, profile, recruitment management and tracking system, payment gateways etc. Failed to gain adoption as it was too early for the market.

    September 2007 (Terminated)
    Cinemalayalam logo

    Python, PHP, MySQL

  • 2007 Oddpath

    One of the largest local search engines in the US with over 11 million listings. Sold to a US company.

    May 2007 (Terminated)
    Oddpath logo

    PHP, Ruby, MySQL, PostgresSQL

  • 2006 Simpleones

    A short lived pet social network based on the Crowd engine.

    December 2006 (Terminated)
    Simpleones logo

  • 2006 Thumbq

    An image storage and sharing website. Supported dynamic inline galleries, transitional thumbnails, transitional slide shows, easy embeds and more. Quickly grew in popularity, but died due to the lack of funding.

    October 2006 (Terminated)
    Thumbq logo

    PHP, MySQL

  • 2006 Great People

    A simple wiki system with biographies of eminent people (Scoop).

    October 2006 (Terminated)
    Great People logo

  • 2006

    An instant news aggregator for major Indian newspapers (Scoop).

    October 2006 (Terminated) logo

    PHP, MySQL

  • 2006 Outpost

    A buzz-tracker application (social search engine) (Scoop). Searched popular social media sites news sources for a given keyword and displayed popularity indexed results with a popularity score in real time.

    October 2006 (Terminated)
    Outpost logo

    Ruby, MySQL

  • 2006

    A font search engine with a huge collection of downlodable fonts (Scoop). Glyph maps, live text preview and more.

    October 2006 (Terminated) logo

    PHP, MySQL

  • 2006 Shorturl

    A simple url-shortner (Scoop).

    October 2006 (Terminated)
    Shorturl logo

    PHP, MySQL

  • 2006 Scoop

    A suite of ad-hoc web services for India.

    September 2006 (Terminated)
    Scoop logo

  • 2006 Crowd

    An attempt at a social networking site for India. The engine was an evolved version of Hive. Didn't go into fruition, but turned into a full fledged re-usable social networking platform that powers a few niche social networks.

    October 2006
    Crowd logo

    PHP, Javascript, MySQL

  • 2006 Hive

    A social networking engine (PHP, MySQL) with support for profiles, friends, messaging, filse and photos, and more.

    August 2006
    Hive logo

    PHP, Javascript, MySQL

  • 2006 Commentful

    A browser extension to monitor and alert of replies to comments and responses left anywhere on the web (blogs, forums etc.). Supported a wide variety of sources including almost all popular blog software and platforms, and came with a desktop notification widget. Was acquired by the Network LLC. in January 2007.

    July 2006 to January 2007 (Terminated)
    Commentful logo

    PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Firefox Addon

  • 2006

    An intuitive online file sharing, compression, decompression, and archival app. Quickly grew in popularity, but was terminated as a result of losing control of the domain name due to fraudulent activities by the registrar, RegisterFly.

    May 2006 (Terminated) logo

    PHP, Javascript, MySQL

  • 2005 SplogSpot

    A public searchable database of Spam blogs. Had a public API available for integration and a large, automatically curated and near-realtime updated database of spam blogs. Data was acquired from the pings that Pingoat received.

    Sep 2005 to Mar 2006 (Terminated)
    SplogSpot logo

    PHP, Javascript, MySQL

  • 2005 Pingoat

    A blog ping (XML RPC) app that became hugely popular, and was one of the top 2000 websites on the internet (Alexa). At its peak, Pingoat handled 8 million pings a day.

    July 2005 to March 2006 (Terminated)
    Pingoat logo

    PHP, Javascript, MySQL

  • 2005 DuckSoup

    Technorati's first full fledged PHP API library.

    August 2005 (Obsolete)
    DuckSoup logo


  • 2005 Vine

    An advanced blogging platform and social network that was meant to be the successor to boastMachine.

    Early 2005 (Terminated)
    Vine logo

    PHP, MySQL

  • 2004 KeyPop

    A keyword research tool that fed data from the Overture marketing data and Google.

    September 2004 (Terminated)
    KeyPop logo

    Perl, MySQL

  • 2004 Shophigh

    A comprehensive shopping deals and comparison website.

    September 2004 (Terminated)
    Shophigh logo

    Perl, PHP, MySQL

  • 2004 Fontgo

    A font search engine with a huge archive of 10,000 downlodable fonts.

    August 2004 (Terminated)
    Fontgo logo

    Perl, PHP, MySQL

  • 2004 myPageRank

    A Google pagerank checker, badge tool.

    June 2004 (Terminated)
    myPageRank logo


  • 2003 NewzPile

    Originally started as a passive news aggregator with embeddable scroll news tickers, Newzpile was later turned into a realtime keyword based news aggregator.

    Dec 2003 to July 2012 (Terminated)
    NewzPile logo

    PHP, MySQL

  • 2003 boastMachine

    One of the early open source blogging systems that supported multiple blogs, themes, users, categories, posts and tags, comments, file attachments, search, rating, rss feeds, anti-spam and ip blocking, backup and maintenance and more. Has been downloaded over a million times over the years, at its peak, powered half a million blogs on the internet. Active development ceased in 2007.

    Mid 2003 - April 2007
    boastMachine logo

    PHP, Javascript, MySQL