I am a research scientist and a tech consultant by profession. My research areas span artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing and computational linguistics. I obtained a BSc. in Computer Science (2008) and PhD in artificial intelligence (2011) from the Middlesex University in London, where I also hold a research fellowship.

Apart from my professional work, I take a great interest and devote a lot of time into experimenting and developing concepts that fascinate me. Some of my personal projects that I have worked on over the years, can be found here.

While, by profession, my work mostly revolves around software development and engineering, I like to see myself as an enthusiast, constantly experimenting and learning.

On those rare occasions when I'm not occupied with work, I find myself tending to my sporadically growing philatelic collection, trying my hand at photography, penning something down, reading something new, or pondering the unknown.

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